Current Status of the 2018 Video Count

How many fish and videos have been counted so far? Explore these charts to find out!

Today's Activity

Each bubble represents one video that was counted today. The bubble is placed at the time when the video was counted (not when the video was recorded). The size of the bubble indicates how many fish were counted in that video. Hover your mouse over the bubbles to see more information, or click and drag to zoom in.


Videos Counted Today

Number of Fish Counted

Each bar shows how many fish were migrating each day based on the current video counts. These totals will increase as more videos are watched. Once all of the videos have been watched, we will know exactly how many fish were migrating each day.


Total Fish Counted

Number of Videos Counted

Each bar shows how many videos were recorded each day, plus how many of those have been counted and how many remain to be counted. The number of recorded videos depends on how active the fish were on that day, but also whether the camera was properly configured to only record when it detected fish and not other things floating by.


Total Videos


Total Videos Remaining