Online Herring Count Over: Check Out the Stats

The 2018 Mystic River herring run is over. We want to thank you for all the effort you put into counting the Mystic River herring run videos this season!

We hope to have more video counting opportunities in a few weeks, exciting additional studies that we think you might find fascinating.  And, the official herring count will come out in August.

In the meantime, here are some numbers that describe the 2018 count.  Most of these numbers would be zero if it weren’t for you.  

Huge thanks!


Total estimated Mystic herring run, based on video counts, 2018:  750,000+

Total estimated Mystic herring run in the previous highest year, 2017:  630,000

Total number of fish counted on videos in 2018: 185,349

Total number of videos recorded: 51,223

Total number of videos counted: 7,023

Percent of videos counted at least once: 14%

Largest estimated total run on a single day: 77,226

Day with the largest estimated total run: May 26

Average estimated number of fish per minute on May 26, 7AM-7PM: 107 

Day with the second largest estimated total run: May 18

Day with the most fish counted on video: June 1

Number of fish counted on videos from June 1: 19,507

Day with the most video counts: June 2

Date of first fish counted: April 27

Date of last fish counted: June 27

Most videos counted by one registered user: 820

Number of registered users who counted more than 100 videos: 16